Who produces the artwork

The artists of Instant Printable: Lee and Aska


Lee and Aska got together in 2009 in Australia with a common interest in traveling and art.

They started body painting together in 2013 and collaborating on big commission wall murals.

After traveling all over the world painting on paper, canvas, walls, and bodies, they decided spreading inspirational messages around the world was the direction they wanted to head.

Deciding on a business name (“Inspiration In Envelopes”, now evolved into Instant Printable), they created a kickstarter campaign to see if people were interested in receiving and sending handmade inspirational messages. The kickstarter campaign was a success and inspirational messages were sent all over the world.

Now Lee and Aska focus on producing high quality prints and bullet journal setups as their contribution to the art scene.

Lee Hall, from UK.

Professional artist from the age of 18, after finishing a graphic design course in Greater Manchester.

Lee has produced art all over the world including Hawaii, Japan, Colombia and the Caribbean. Creating art not only on canvas and paper, this diverse artist is a professional body painter and mural creator.

Aska Kato, from Japan.

Professional artist from the age of 22 when she started body painting full time.

Aska has produced art all over the world including Australia, Venezuela, Japan and the Caribbean. Aska is a very skilled watercolor artist and also a skilled hand lettering artist.

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