Digital Art

How Digital Art Works

What is a Digital art print, and How digital art works?

Basically it's a copy of the original hand made art. This means that you will receive the PDF file of the artwork that is ready to print.

Digital prints are beneficial for us at Instant Printable, and for you as the buyer. It's convenient for you because your new art can be printed when you want, as many times as you want, and any size you want. Purchasing a digital print also means you can print it at home on your own printer or maybe you upload it to Costco and pick it up during your next shopping trip, there are many ways to get a physical piece of art from your digital purchase. -More printing info-

Another benefit of selling and buying digital prints is the cost. Digital art is much more affordable because there isn’t a lot of physical involvement form us at Instant Printable. We create the art by hand, then turn it into a digital print, upload the art to the website for you guys to purchase, and it's ready to be bought and printed. These means you get a piece of art for a lot less money, all of our uploaded art prints are only $1.99.

How do I get my files?

After making a purchase from Instant Printable you will receive a link to download your files, Just click on the link if the download does not start automatically.